Reactions to Royal Baby Name?

Since Baby Sussex’s name was revealed, I’ve been stalking social media for reactions. Yep, I’m the girl with the popcorn and totally interested! It’s been fun!

So far, the reactions are mostly positive, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are a few Archie comics gifs, a few “who cares” comments and a few people who just downright don’t like it and not ashamed to be all snarky about it. And I’m over here like, “hey…go have a beer and lighten up a little!”

Me? First of all, it’s not my baby, so it really doesn’t matter if I like it or not. But… my opinion is…I kind of like it. Actually, it’s kind of AWESOME!!!! I like that they sort of broke away from the traditional names that have been handed down for generations. Harry and Meghan have always been their own kind of royal…always been fun and I wouldn’t expect anything less! So…I say…WELCOME baby Archie!!!! I know you’ll be just as cool as your mom & dad! And…I look forward to seeing all the photos to come!