Furry Friday with a Sweet Foster Story

This poor momma dog and these pups have a crazy sad story with an uplifting ending.

Penelope was rescued and in very bad shape.

She had recently given birth and 4 of her 10 puppies had already died. By the time she was taken in all 10 of her puppies were gone.

Penelope was devastated. She paced and whined and was so depressed that her rescuers had an idea.

Athena, a beautiful Shepard mix was brought to be surrendered to the doors of a rural shelter in NC in full labor with a baby stuck in the birth canal. They shelter wasn’t equipped to handle this but luckily they reached out to Black Dog Rescue who immediately jumped into action and got Athena a C section to save her and the pups. It worked. She had 13 healthy puppies. But after a C section that was a lot on Athena to raise so many pups.

6 of her 13 day old puppies were brought to Penelope in a Coors Light box!

So they were all given appropriate names: Guiness, Whiskey, Martini, Jager, Kahlua, Tequila,

Before they could even take the box into her room she came down the hall bouncing up and down and howling. She snatched the box from the foster and took each puppy to her whelping box and started caring for them.

But Penelope didn’t stop there! A week later her foster mom brought home a box of orphan kittens. She set them down to go get bottle feeding supplies and came back to an empty box. Penelope heard them crying and gentle carried them off and nursed them alongside the puppies!! She truly is mother of the year!!

Penelope is doing well. Her hair is starting to regrow and she’s even learned sit and come. She’s such a sweet dog and even through the loss of her pups she has never shown any aggression toward us. She’s good with dogs and cats and potty trained.

You can help Penelope and her puppies and kittens by donating to the Amazon wishlist

And Unchained America who helped cover the vet bills for the puppies.

For adoption information email villagedog81@yahoo.com