Brad Paisley Crashes Riley Green’s Performance! (Video)

Back in Nashville I found myself in a potentially awkward situation.  I was at the Wild Horse making stage announcements right before Riley Green’s set.  As I left the stage with my pal Marie Bradshaw, we inadvertently walked right into Riley and his band as they were about to do their pre-show ritual and prayer.  Of course Marie and I tried to get out of there fast when the nicest thing happened.  Riley asked us to join their circle, arms around each other, and we all prayed.  I knew Riley was a good guy and a talented performer.  In that moment, I knew he was also a class act and a thoughtful man.

Please check out this amazing performance featuring Brad Paisley on “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died.”

Riley, we have the same wish too.

You remember Rile’s last number 1, right?