Jason Aldean’s New Collection of Songs Available Now “9” (Audio)

Jason Aldean’s new album is out now and available for you to download!  It’s called 9 for the obvious reason.  Here’s Jason talking about his current release from 9, called “We Back!”

“To me, this was a song that, I’ve heard people say a lot over the years that they wanted to hear that ‘rock and roll’ side of everything that we do. We haven’t really put out a lot of that stuff in the last couple years. We got this song, and to me it just kind of says what it says, ‘thought we were gone but you’re wrong, now it’s on.’ It’s got like a little bit of attitude to it, it’s not real soft and mushy, it’s kind of tough and so when I heard it, I immediately knew we were going to cut it.”  Pick up your copy of 9 HERE