Hire a Celebrity to Break Up With Your Boyfriend! (Video)

If you have not head of CAMEO yet, let me introduce you. It’s a service that lets you hire celebrities to give your family and friend’s a shout out. Lets say your grandpa is retiring from 50 years at a power plant and he’s a huge fan of Billie Eilish***. You pay CAMEO anywhere from $75 to $500 dollars and they’ll get Billie to record a quick video congratulating Grandpa! Pretty cool huh? Well, someone got the idea to have a celebrity break up with their boyfriend. This time it was 90’s Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath. It’s a little cringy but check out the video.

If I ever get a girlfriend, I want Reba or Maren Morris to break up with her for me.

***Billie Eilish not actually available on the CAMEO platform.

By the way, GRANGER SMITH seems to be the most prominent country star on the Cameo platform at the moment, but you gotta figure that’s gonna change soon.