Thank You LoCash For Your Service To Our Troops (Pics)

We knew the guys from LoCash were cool dudes.  We met them backstage at VUHLA over the summer.  Great hang.

We also know from their reputation that Preston and Chris love our military and are honored to be of service to them.  LoCash recently  performed for our military members, participated in troop engagements and shared meals with our servicemen and women.  It was all part of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Tour in Poland and Romania.

“The USO is an amazing organization and we want to thank them for taking us overseas and straight into the daily lives of our United States service members,” said Preston Brust (of LOCASH). “Thanks to the USO, we were able to bring a little piece of home to the men and women in our military who train, work hard, fight and protect our freedoms. Chris and I were humbled to be able to speak on behalf of our entire country and say ‘THANK YOU’ to them in person!”