2nd Date Update

We’re here to help people find love. It’s Second Date Update w/Cash & Carly.

Will another guy ruin Jack’s chance of getting with Avery?

Charlotte was so bored on the date that she started making snoring sound effects. zzz… Will it prevents them from going on a second date?

Tara is looking for a real man. Damon’s idea of being manly is a little different than Tara’s. Will it prevent them from going out again?

Eric is a really nice guy. So nice that Megan is kind of turned off by it. Will they go out again?

Apparently, Linda drives too fast for Joe. Will it prevent them from going out again?

You know what they say about assuming things, right? Hopefully, Carla doesn’t assume herself out of a second date.

When you have an argument before you go on your first date, you should probably reconsider who you’re going out with, right?

Adrian like some photos of Jamie, now she’s not sure if she wants a second date.

Dorothy dropped a class in college and left Tim hanging. Will it prevent them from going out again?

If Joe isn’t careful, he’s going to talk himself out of a second date.

Carrie and Bill met while doing something incredible. Was it doomed from the get-go?

It wasn’t Russ, it was his roommate. Let’s see if Mary believes him.

It appears Vicki was expecting more on her date with Charles.

Eric lost interest when he saw Rebecca running away from him.

Mari and James went out on a date. Then, they ran into Mari’s ex and things got weird.

Patrick is such a dog lover that it may prevent him from landing the girl.

Catherine hasn’t heard back from Adam. I wonder why??? Find out with “Second Date Update!”

Tom has a stalker and he’s ok with it. Hopefully, it all works out.

Steve better call Annie back ASAP!

Francis wasn’t having any of Rob saying he’s only looking to have a good time.

Evelyn found a really cute guy reading Harry Potter books and decided to approach the guy. Come to find out, the guy is an old teacher of hers. What does he think of the whole thing? Let’s find out!

A guy may lose the girl because of a death in the family.

The guy shaves his arms, so what? It may prevent him from landing a second date.

This guy may compliment himself out of a second date.

Dave may lose out because she’s more interested in his Dad.

This guy may lose the girl because he’s cheap.

Guy meets girl at a business function, they have a couple of drinks, they then go off and do who knows what? Then he never hears from her again. Catch new Second Date Updates on M, W, F at 7:06!

Second Date Update With Cash and Carly!

Girl meets a guy at a bar, she drinks a little too much, he helps her get home, her roommate helps her get into bed, then the roommate goes to bed with the guy she met. Yeah, what a mess!