Cash and Carly’s Couples Court


Cash and Carly listen to couple’s biggest arguments and help decide who wins on Couple’s Court.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:50am on 97.3 The Eagle. 

liz and rob

Rob thinks it would be a good idea to meet up with his neighbors so they can hang out during the quarantine. Liz thinks it would be weird and would rather not. They’ve come to the right place.

marty and karen

Marty and Karen can’t agree on whether or not to allow folks to pet their dog during the quarantine. Karen doesn’t want folks to touch her dog while Marty doesn’t really think it’s a big deal.

jimmy and shelby

Jimmy and Shelby are quarantined and Shelby wants to remodel their apartment without the help of a professional. Jimmy isn’t sure this is a good idea. They’ve come to the right place.

johnny and diane

Johnny and Diane are arguing about the movies Diane is watching with their 10-month-old baby. Let’s find out what she’s watching and if it’s a big deal.

Jamie and Louie can’t agree on if they should or shouldn’t continue to have family dinners with the kids during the quarantine. I think they’ve all had enough of each other. Let’s see if we can help these two.

luke and sharon

Luke and Sharon can’t agree on what to tell their 4-year-old when it comes to the Coronavirus. Should they be straight up with him or tell him something to get by until things get back to normal? Let’s see if we can help.

rich and mary

Rich and Mary are quarantined together and according to Mary, they’ve eaten everything in the house. Now, she wants to fast to lose weight, and Rich isn’t having it. Let’s see if we can help.

shelby and will

Shelby and Will are quarantined and they can’t seem to agree on how you pronounce the word, caramel. Let’s see if we can help these two love birds out.

paul and julia

Paul and Julia are quarantined like everyone else. Things wouldn’t be so bad if Paul didn’t comment on how hot the females were on all the shows they were watching. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

dan and jennifer

Dan and Jennifer are both quarantined and their upstairs neighbor hosts track meets every afternoon. Dan wants to say something but Jennifer thinks he should let it go. Let’s see what we can do.

todd and julia

Todd and Julia can’t agree on a way to see their mom on Mother’s Day. Couple’s Court turns into siblings court to help these two crazy kids out. Let’s see what we can do.

Chris and Emily

Emily wants to adopt a dog now that they’re both quarantined, but Chris just lost his job and isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

larry and rose

What a terrible time to break up. Larry and Rose have split and now Rose really wants Larry out! Let’s see if we can help.

nancy and frank

Nancy and Frank are quarantined together and they can’t decide on a name for their baby. Instead of using a book of names, they came to us. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

rebecca and chris

Rebecca and Chris were all set to get married in August. Then, coronavirus showed up and ruined everything. Should they wait it out, or postpone until next year? They came to the right place.

Pete and Allison

Pete and Allison are both quarantined together and Pete has a big problem with the amount of news Allison is watching. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

ryan and emily

4-16 Ryan and Emily are gamers and with all of us being quarantined, what else are you going to do? However, Emily accepted an unusual game request and Ryan isn’t having it. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

jeffrey and teresa

Jeff and Teresa are at each other’s throats because they only have one laptop to use while they’re quarantined together at home. Who should get more screen time? Let’s find out.

justin and margaret

4-8-2020 Justin and Margaret are quarantined together and fighting over some interesting things. Regardless, they came to the right place.

matt and julia

4-6-20 Matt and Julia, like any other couple, have shows they binge-watch. However, Matt falls asleep and Julia will keep watching episode after episode after episode. It’s driving Matt crazy! They’ve come to the right place.