Cash & Carly

Dad Bods, Yes or No~~~~~~Carly

Everything has a label now, Dad Bod the new term is just what once was “the average man”…..but either way………it’s the hot new trend and there are some reasons and here’s why

jar bug

Lightning Bugs aren’t Fireflies?~~~~~Carly

WHATTTTTTTT…………………….. OK, I grew up catching (and releasing) Lightning Bugs…….some people call them Fireflies…….either way………apparently there are some things we need to know……… Check this out

Now sleeping is bad for you???~~~~~Carly

OK, maybe sleeping is not bad for you, but if you sleep with the lights on, you could gain weight……Great… even in my sleep, I have to worry….ha ha ha check this out      


These Boots Were Made For Dancing! ~ CASH

These boots were made for dancing! And that’s just what I intend to do with them, this Saturday night! Dancing with the Paws is going down on Saturday night at Chrysler Hall in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia! The event is to help all the animals at VBSPCA. Tickets are $35 dollars and available here. I can’t…


Haters Don’t Win Thomas Rhett Tickets But You Can!

Last week one of our favorite country couples walked the CMT Red Carpet looking gorgeous, happy and in love     View this post on Instagram   Mom and dad went to the @cmt awards๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ thank you @littlebigtown for being awesome and rocking with me! #cmtawards A post shared by ThomasRhettAkins (@thomasrhettakins) on Jun 6,…


Why Can’t I Dance As Well As Emily?

Why can’t I dance as well as Emily? After spending the last month and a half learning some sweet dance moves for Dancing for Paws, I have a new level of respect for dancers. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 15th. Myself, along with several other community members will embark on a dancing with the…

Tornado or Bachelorette~~~~Carly

This guy is trying to save lives and goes on a rant, is this good or bad? Cash thinks he should have been “let go”…….

baseball pic

When Throwing Out The First Pitch Goes Horribly Wrong. ~ CASH

When throwing out the first pitch goes horribly wrong. I’ve never had the opportunity to throw out any first pitch for any baseball team. I can assure you one thing, if I were ever asked to do something like that, I would be practicing for hours before I had to step on the mound. Do…

moving truck pic

Moving Across The Country Almost Killed Me! ~ CASH

Moving across the country almost killed me! About a week and a half ago, Carly and I were talking about a recent poll that suggests that people would rather spend a week in jail, rather than move. I’ve moved several times in my career and they’ve all been a miserable experience. However, this move almost…


Morgan Wallen is Bringing the “Mullett” Back~~~~Carly

Morgan Wallen says he’s bringing the “Mullett” back…….I am going to agree that for him at least, this seems to be working. He says his Dad rocked it at his parent’s wedding…   View this post on Instagram   Insert mullet emoji* ๐Ÿ“ท: @tylercoleguitar A post shared by Morgan Wallen ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ (@morganwallen) on Sep 12,…


Alligator!!!!! ~~~Carly

So as summer is just around the corner and we have mover to Hampton Roads from a colder climate (I think Pittsburgh area is considered)…….it is no secret that “Death by Alligator” is a real thing to me. There is this beautiful pond behind our building, but at night creeps me out… seeing this totally…


Favorite pizza when we visited our hometown ;)~~~CARLY

We all have our favorite local favorite foods, Brunos Pizza is one of my all-time favorite, pizza places….So we ordered the biggest one they have and I was the first one to tap into it………what’s yours? Looking for a new favorite Pizza place here in Hampton Roads……….

cody johnson

Cody Johnson Sold Out The Norva On Saturday Night! ~ CASH

Texas musician Cody Johnson sold out the Nora on Saturday night! Cody Johnson rolled into Hampton Roads on Saturday night and sold out the world famous Norva in beautiful downtown Norfolk. For a guy who is known as the biggest country music star that you’ve never heard of, you could have fooled with me with…


Soooooo…….this is my weekend in West Virginia…..~~~Carly

Had to head back home to check on and open the pool, this is the start, I will be posting pics as it continues to change for the summer….but this is the beginning…..I really miss sitting next to it with some Margaritas and neighbors….looking forward to meeting new people and making friends in Hampton Roads…..…

Miranda FB 5

Miranda Lambert’s 2 Million Dollar New York City apartment~~~Carly

Can money buy you happiness? According to Chris Janson “it can buy me a boat, it can buy me a truck to pull it”…….I’m going with YES, money can buy you happiness…….I’ll probably never know that for sure though UGH……. Miranda reportedly bought a 2 million dollar New York apartment according to The Daily Mail…