Cash & Carly


Carly’s PigSkin Picks~

Once again I try to go for a perfect pick week and the first one is wrong….Panthers lost……


Cash & Carly Want to Know Your Weird Phobias.

What are you afraid of? Famous last words of…well, I can’t remember, but I’m sure someone famous said it. With Friday the 13th upon us, what are some of your weird and unusual phobias? I once talked to a girl who was afraid of being licked in the face. Not even kidding around, she was…

boo moon

Can’t Beat Carly, maybe?~Carly

with the weirdness already happening and Friday the 13th tomorrow with the creepy Moon on the way, I’m in fear that I just may lose tomorrow 🙁  


Weekend c’mon~Carly!

This is a busy weekend, will be traveling back to the Burgh, attending a Pitt game and visiting family 🙂 it can’t come soon enough


Recipe Wednesday With Cash & Carly!

Thank me later for this one. Remember last week when we were talking about our favorite and least favorite school cafeteria food. Overwhelmingly, the favorite was school cafeteria pizza. The weird thing, my school lunch pizza at Sierra elementary was terrible. Then, I moved to another town and the cafeteria pizza was the bomb! Look…


My Pigskin Picks~Carly!

This is the first week in the NFL down, the highlighted ones were the wrong pics, didn’t do too bad….



Wore my water boots so my feet wouldn’t get wet, it was barely raining when Cash picked me up for work today!  


What’s In Your Hurricane Survival Kit? ~ CASH

Hurricane Dorian is upon us. Despite the obvious supplies, (batteries, flashlights, ice, water, food, towelettes, whistles to signal for help, etc…) what are some of the other items you would try and throw inside your hurricane survival kit? Carly’s Hurricane Survival Kit will include the following: Liquor Candles Nacho Stuff Cash’s Hurricane Survival Kit will…


Hello Dorian!~Carly!

Lot’s of good advice on the Hurricane that is on the way (ice in the washing machine) hmmm. what could we do with the dryer??? Anyway, looks like nothing of this will be happening this weekend 🙁


What’s Your Favorite and Least Favorite School Lunch? ~ CASH

School is back in session. I picked my son up from school today and of course, I asked, “How was school today, son?” “Good!”, he replied. That’s it, one word to sum up the entire day. The kid is only 8-years-old so it takes some digging to find out what went on during his first…



R`TRUTH,,,,,WHAT’S UP!!!!!! WWE in town tonight and we had a chance to talk to R`TRUTH…the full interview is on


WWE Superstar R-Truth Chats With Cash & Carly!

What’s up, What’s up, What’s up, What’s up!!! We can keep this going forever. WWE Superstar R-Truth spent some time on Friday talking with us about his upcoming show in Norfolk. We talk finishing moves, his what’s up song, and his Mount Rushmore of wrestlers. The show is going down at the Scope Arena, Downtown…


Thai Cabbage soup anyone~Carly!

Today is recipe Wednesday, halfway through the week we tend to ponder on what to make…..should we make…..or just do leftovers??? Well, I decided to make this awesome spicy soup and Cash won’t even try it and is picking on me!!! It’s delicious…..


What Meal Can You Prepare Better Than Anyone Else? ~ CASH

That’s a loaded question. And by loaded, I don’t mean loaded baked potato! See what I did there, loaded baked potato? Who orders a baked potato and doesn’t get it loaded with all the bacon bits, cheese, sour cream, chives, and other delicious tasting things? Sign me up for that! The other night my wife…


Little Debbie snack outrage~Carly!

Little Debbie released their tier system of best to worst and some people are outraged… Legends tier~Oatmeal creme pies…Christmas Tree Cakes…Nutty buddy…..that’s it???? what about swiss rolls donut sticks?   View this post on Instagram   And then there were four… #cakepalooza A post shared by Little Debbie (@thereallittledebbie) on Apr 3, 2019 at 10:59am…


“Wizard of Oz” Character Show Up In Pittsburgh Hospital. ~ Cash

The “Wizard of Oz” turned 80 on Sunday. To celebrate, one hospital in Pittsburgh decided to dress up some newborn babies. West Penn Hospital will occasionally dress up newborn babies in holiday costumes, but this time around they took a page from classic Hollywood. The Wizard of Oz opened in theaters on August 25th, 1939.…