The Jo Bros Are Back, Baby!! -Georgia

WARNING: Massive fangirling ahead; read at own risk

Ready 2 Party

Confession: I am an original Jonas Brothers fan. I fondly remember my middle school days consumed with reading every book about Kevin, Joe, and Nick, buying every album, learning their favorite things, and memorizing their birthdays. People thought I was crazy. I preferred the term “fangirl.” I mean, yea, I did tape a poster of Joe’s face to the ceiling above my bed so I could look at it every night before I went to bed, but that’s totally normal, right? From Camp Rock to JONAS, to Married to Jonas, I was there through it all.

Here to wife up the jo bros

Fast forward to this past Thursday, my whole life was made. I did see the Jonas Brothers in concert when I was 11 right here in VA Beach, but this was a whole new level. I have since attended so many more concerts in my lifetime and hands down, this one was definitely in my top 3. I felt my soul leave my body and it was the most beautiful experience. If you’ve ever been part of a fanbase as strong as the Jonas Brother fandom, you know the feeling of overwhelming excitement and joy that fills your heart when those lights go down, the base booms through the speakers, and the first chord strikes. The first moment when you see the band right in front of your eyes, whether in the nosebleeds or on the floor, your heart stops. At least mine did. Pretty sure I blacked out during the whole first song.


When I finally came back to life, I sang and danced at the top of my lungs for the rest of the night. So much so, that I lost my voice for the next couple days. So worth it! I’m STILL reeling in the emotions and feelings of seeing my first ever celebrity crush live in concert. From celebrating Joe’s 30th birthday with thousands of our closest friends, to nostalgia of throwback songs, to finishing the night by chasing down their cars on the busy night streets of D.C. this was easily the highlight of my life to date. Now I can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

Is this real life??
Danielle Jonas entering the show. PS she and Sophie waved to me 4 separate times. ded.


Party Time

I’m going to be an aunt! I always thought I would be the first one in my family/friend group to get married and have kids, but per my last blog we realize now that that time for me is far, far away. For now, I’ll settle for being the fun aunt! I have had so much planning for my first niece and even have my own set of supplies and clothes for her for when baby Lyndsey gets to have sleep overs with Aunt Bri!

Naturally, I have been so excited to plan everything for my sister and last weekend we had her baby shower. At first, my family wanted to do the standard baby theme with rocking horses and rattles, but Pinterest has set my standards pretty high when it comes to designs and parties. Event planning IS my specialty, after all. I wanted my sister to have an elegant party with finger foods, mimosas, and lots of floral and glitter (totally a me thing and not at all my sister’s aesthetic, but I was in charge).

We had such a beautiful celebration for my sweet niece (as you can tell by the pics) and I am so excited to meet her in a month or so!

My favorite station of the whole day, the “Mom-mosa” bar
The two best aunts baby Lyndsey will ever have
Laughs all the way around



Why Is Dating So Hard? -Georgia

What does a girl have to do to get a nice date around here? I’ve been living in Hampton Roads for 18 years now and on the dating scene for 10 of them. So far, no luck. You can imagine how frustrating it is to watch all my friends around me meet great partners, date for many years, and now some of them are even married. Then there’s the whole family part of them asking at every family function why I haven’t met anyone yet and when I’ll give them grandchildren. That’s a great question. I ask myself the same thing every day.

Finally, the night before the 4th of July I got a last second invite to a concert down at the oceanfront. Happily, I donned my semi-festive blue striped shorts and white bodysuit and stuffed a few spare beers in my beach bag and took off. Turns out, I never needed my own drinks because very soon after arriving, my friend introduced me to a whole crew of tall, tan, muscular, and handsome men that she had known for years. It didn’t take long before one of them attached himself to my hip for the night…. and then for the next month.

We went on a couple formal dates and lemme tell you, I hadn’t been on one of those in a very very long time. We then talked every day for the following month and everything was going well–really well– and I thought maybe–just maybe– it was finally my turn for a happily ever after. He came for my birthday celebration and bought me a brand new TV (even though I don’t have cable) and set it up for all my friends to see. We went out for drinks and he showed me off to all his friends. The next day took me out for a special day of adventures, just us. The day after that, he ghosted me.

Yea, I don’t get it either. Who buys someone a very expensive gift and then disappears?? Has this ever happened to you?? I need to know I’m not the only one!


H23BD to Me -Georgia

Ah my birthday, my favorite holiday of the whole year! Which also means summer is winding down, but that’s ok because its my birthday! The people who just bypass birthdays are just merely existing, not living. Making it in this crazy world is always something to celebrate. As I got older though, the lavish parties slowed down and it was up to me to coordinate my whole 3 friends and our crazy work/vacation schedules (adulting is hard) to be able to celebrate.

But I managed to pull it off this year and here is a snapshot of the fiesta:

The day started off with with working all day, but it’s fine because I had a tiara
These are my 3 friends haha
Fun Fact: I share a birthday with my oldest cat, Ezra (on the right). He turned 2 this year!
Proof that I actually left my house

Hot Girl Summer -Georgia

2019 is more than halfway over. I am no where near the goals I had set up for myself at the New Year. But I’m having a “Hot Girl Summer.” This new term was coined with the intention of lifting up women and embracing ourselves for the beautiful aspects and tragic flaws that we all have. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, but we sure do try because that is what the societal norms for women have engrained in our head: Be a size 0–but still beat us in a hot dog eating contest, stay tan year round–but don’t look fake, have curves–but not cellulite, be a leader–but not bossy, be you–but not actually.

Life is filled with so many reasons to give up and sink into the unattainable– and downright wrong image society has created for women. So we’re fighting back and creating a HOT GIRL SUMMER!! (also it has been 100+ degrees outside for the last month but that’s not really what we mean). Now is the time to give yourself the one and ONLY reason to keep going: Because you can!

The beauty of women is that we don’t all have to look the same to share the same goals and ambitions as our peers. Human nature strives to create a pleasant living environment for everyone and that starts at home. To this day I still struggle with the feat of looking into a mirror every day and liking the way I look. But this is me. Together WE CAN have a Hot Girl Summer.

So grab your friends, the best playlist you can find, a nice cold drink and join me in celebrating YOU (us) in this crazy thing we called life.



It’s Been Almost 2 Weeks Since Dierks Bentley and I’m Still in Shock -Georgia

Two weeks ago I had the experience of a lifetime. After working a grueling 8 hour promotions shift on the black tarmac at the Amphitheater in 105 degree heat my feet felt numb, all the makeup had effectively melted off my face, my fizzy hair had been up in a ponytail for 7.5 hours, and I was sweating so bad my shirt turned from white to… you know the look. But Dierks Bentley was about to come on stage and I had a change of clothes in my bag, a cold bottle of water, and a fresh tube of lipstick; so I ran off to the bathroom and completely changed looks, freshened up, and took off into the concert that I had been watching thousands of our listeners enjoy for the last 5 hours.

As I was on my way up to the lawn (where I have experienced some of the best concerts), I called my boss, just to check if he was still at the show. Over the next 10 minutes I went from standing far up on the lawn (but close to the bar), down into the 3rd row of the pit. When the lights went down and the hum of the speakers boomed so loudly you can feel it in your soul, I swear my heart stop for a solid minute. Then Dierks ran onto stage and I think I blacked out for the first song out of pure excitement. The following set of pictures perfectly captures my reaction from the best night of my life.

Me n my new fave boss 🙂
3 rows back and geeking out AHHHH
Hard core fangirling


Is this real life??
Oh hey, Dierks

So artsy. Much wow
My girl, Tenille

Just A Man And His Fish -Georgia

Good ol’ country boys and they’re fishing. Tim McGraw enjoyed a time out on the water and caught a unique looking fish. Take a look for yourself and let me know: is this actually a cool fish or is just flexing on us like those boys on social media?

Celebrities Are Human Too- Georiga

It’s hard to believe that our favorite celebrities still have personal lives. They have husbands/wives and children. They have inside jokes and emotions. We can see those exact qualities a recent candid interview with Florida Georgia Line. They discuss their kids and who would win a chubby bunny contest, ya know, the most necessary information, and it reminds us how they’re humans too.

Here’s a clip from the interview.

cover photo

Who Is Georgia?

Hey there! I’m Georgia, the new weekend girl on New Country 97.3 the Eagle! After I graduated Christopher Newport University in 2018 I never thought I would have to do another one of these “fun facts about yourself,” but here we go…

  • Who- Georgia

  • What- That new radio girl

  • When- Saturday 3-7 pm, Sunday 6-10 pm

  • Where- 97.3 the Eagle

  • Why- Because radio is fun… ok so maybe that’s a bit oversimplified. Here’s the deal:

For as long as I can remember I have loved all things beauty, fashion, music, and entertainment. I always considered myself at the forefront of trends and inspiration– a hipster if you will– and was enamored by the beauty and success of all the artists in Hollywood. Looking back, I can only hope many of those fashion choices never make a comeback, even though they seemed like a great idea at the time haha. My first ever celebrity crush was Joe Jonas; to this day, that crush still stands and now is joined by Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, and Luke Bryan.

Since my first time stepping foot into an arena for a concert (for The Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana of course), I have been fascinated by music and creativity. Over the years I cultivated my passion for art through dance and song; I danced competitively in college and sang very loud to every song that comes on in the car or shower.

I was lucky enough to intern here at the studios the summer before I graduated college and that was all it took to know I had finally landed my dream job. I am a firm believer that you never work a day in your life if you love what you do… and I certainly love radio! I started on our promotions team meeting all our wonderful listeners at events. Then I began work On-Air with Hot 100 for over a year before I made the cross into country music, a genre that has always been dear to my heart.

Every day is a new adventure and I am still learning every day, even after 2 years. Every time I am in the studio, put those headphones on, and turn the mic up, my heartbeat accelerates and adrenaline courses through my veins. I get so excited to live out my dream every day and hope to share that excitement and joy with each and every one of you as we embark on this journey together through the changing times of radio and the evolution of country music.

So until next time, be safe, make good choices, and have fun 🙂