With everyone being quarantined, we hit on some binge-worthy shows, a killer foosball documentary, and a surprise guest who told us that Maren Morris had her baby.

What a week! Coronavirus has arrived in Virginia and it’s flipped everything upside down.

It was another crazy week with Cash & Carly. First, we had the Bachelor finale, two-night special. Peter is such a bum! Then, we had Coronavirus craziness and the Eagle’s Got Talent Finale at the Eagles nest to talk about. If you missed anything, get caught up here.

Carly was sick most of the week, but we still got a lot done. With Coronavirus lurking, we invited Dr. Singh, a board-certified infectious disease physician at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and a member of the Bayview Physicians Group, into talk about Coronavirus and how we can prepare for the inevitable.

What didn’t we cover this week? We talked coronavirus, a wedding, Hunter Hayes appearance on The Bachelor, Pinnochio called in to compliment Cash & Carly, and Jimmy Wayne, I mean, Jimmy Allen stopped by to talk to us about a crazy jam session he had with Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and Darius Rucker.

From Steve Shipping, the new host of ‘Haunting In The Heartland’, to which movies traumatized you as a kid. We covered a lot of ground this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Busy week here at the Eagle. Mitchell Nnadi, brother of Kansas City Chief and World Champion Derrick Nnadi, Hampton Roads native, came in to talk to us about his bro and how they’re working together to make a difference in Hampton Roads. We also hit Valentine’s Day and reviewed a couple shows on Netflix.

It’s been another crazy week…We hit on the Super Bowl, Disney doing something crazy, an interview with WWE Icon Mick Foley, and Carley Pearce stopped by to hang out.

Super Bowl week is always interesting. We capped off the week with some guests from The Virginia Zoo. Lots of talk about having to waste your life away at the DMV, and more. If you missed anything, catch up here.

Another busy week talking about Carly’s Jamaica trip, Jordan Davis called to talk about opening for Brad Paisley, and Carly’s helping a friend organize her house and it sounds nuts. Thanks for listening!

From a guy ruining his marriage, not really, to UFC and Family Feud. We went all over the place this week.

It was a busy first week of 2020. We had the season premiere of, “The Bachelor” with a special appearance by Tenille Arts. We talk to her about her appearance. We also talked and sang with Lady Antebellum. What are they up to in 2020? That and more on ICYMI w/Cash & Carly!

Hampton Roads attorney, Tim Anderson came in the studio and we talked about 2nd Amendment Sanctuary cities, legal questions, Redskins football and more!

From the new mob movie, “The Irishman” to Christmas Trees in New York selling for $6500 bucks! We had another busy week. If you missed anything, get it all right here.

Thanksgiving week had us talking everything Thanksgiving and what to do around the great holiday. Also, we had an opportunity to talk to up and coming Nashville recording artist, Cody Wolfe. Check it out!

If you missed anything this week, catch it all here with “In Case YOU Missed It, with Cash & Carly!”

Things always get weird during Halloween week. Throw in some Brett Young, you’re good to go. If you missed anything this week, check it out.

Miss anything from the show this week? Catch it all right here with ICYMI w/Cash & Carly!

Episode 10 of “ICYMI w/Cash &j Carly” covers more UFO sightings, Cash’s wedding anniversary, and a weird trip to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

It’s episode 9 of “ICYMI with Cash and Carly.” This is a great opportunity to circle back around to some of those interesting topics and conversations we’ve had on the air this week. We’ve got aliens, a rent-a-friend, and Lauren Alaina. Also, another blast to the past with “Adventures in History w/Cash & Carly.”

This week, we take a look at some of the things you’ve picked up on the side of the road, the masked singer, where to find the perfect cast-iron skillet, how Americans never go on vacation, Adventures in History and more.

This week’s ICYMI w/Cash & Carly includes a conversation with Kevin James, an Adventure in History w/Cash & Carly, and more. Thanks for listening.

ICYMI With Cash & Carly!

From Mickey Mouse to Bigfoot, we covered a lot of ground this week. Let’s circle back around to a few of those items we discussed this week.

It’s episode 5 of “ICYMI w/Cash and Carly!”

It’s episode 4 of, “In Case You Missed It W/Cash & Carly!”

ICYMI With Cash & Carly!

The week started off unusual with folks going nuts over the little debbie rankings. Then, Cash confessed to taking a midol when he hurt his shoulder. We had Gary Spivey on Tuesday predicting futures and he even looked into Cash’s future. The CMA’s dropped and people were talking snub city with the nominations. Finally, we started talking about family recipes. Enjoy!

ICYMI Cash and Carly Chat With Ashley McBryde

This week on the show Cash and Carly talked with CMA New Artist of the Year Nominee Ashley McBryde, Cash put Carly in a time machine and Psychic Medium Gary Spivey answered your questions.

In Case You Missed It With Cash & Carly!

Cash and Carly chatted with Hunter Hayes about why fans were recently upset with him, revealed why we’ve been eating tacos wrong and took your calls about when it’s too soon to say ‘I Love You.’