Originally from Chicago, Jason spent the last 5 years in Nashville with all the stars of country music!   He loves live music, Netflix binges and your dog!  He also loves talking to listeners!  Please call him any afternoon at 757-490-9797.

Jason and Chris Young

Thanks Chris Young and Chris Janson! (PICS)

When Karen West and I were backstage, Chris Young was itching to perform.  We were with him when they had to cancel the meet and greet and he was seriously bummed.  It was just too dangerous.  When things started looking grim, Chris was the first to say he would come back and make up the…

I Lost A Dance Battle With Lauren Alaina (VIDEO)

… and NOW she’s on Dancing With The Stars!  Can’t wait to see her! About 18 months ago I bumped into a Lauren Alaina at Dierks Bently’s Bar (Name Drop Much!) in Nashville. Drinks were had and Lauren challenged me to a dance battle that I lost badly. Check out Lauren’s dance move’s here.  She…

Maren FB preview

Maren Morris Releases New Video For “The Bones” (VIDEO)

This song has captured my imagination. It’s beautifully sung and the video invites you to imagine tropical vacations with the one you love.  Maren has a generational voice.  It’s stunning and she’s still just getting started.  This song has been added to our playlist.  Expect to hear it more and more!

MIranda Wildcard

Miranda’s New CD is Coming Soon! (Video)

“When people listen to this record, I want them to know that I see them and hear them,” said Lambert. “I feel you, because I’m just a girl from East Texas, writing about all the things that go on in my world and in the worlds of people around me. I want people to get…

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Would You Pay Your Kids to Put Down Their Phones? (POLL)

  A new survey says more and more American parents are paying their children to put down their screens and enjoy life.  The average young person spends a minimum of 2 hours on their phone or device per day.  Lots of parents already admit to using phones and iPads as part of punishments.  If a…

Eagle 5

Can You Believe the TV Show FRIENDS is 25 Years Old? (PIVOT!)

September 23rd, 28th and October 2nd you can flashback to the 90’s with your favorite FRIENDS! Fathom Events will put on a three night reunion event at a theater near you!  It’ll include 12 fan-favorite episodes, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage.  Plus popcorn.  Don’t forget popcorn. I’ll never move a coach the same again!  Click here for…

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Brad Paisley Crashes Riley Green’s Performance! (Video)

Back in Nashville I found myself in a potentially awkward situation.  I was at the Wild Horse making stage announcements right before Riley Green’s set.  As I left the stage with my pal Marie Bradshaw, we inadvertently walked right into Riley and his band as they were about to do their pre-show ritual and prayer. …

broken heart

Maddie and Tae’s New Video Gives Us All The Feels (VIDEO)

Maddie and Tae are emerging as lasting country artists.  This latest effort is another beautiful song and the video is sure to have you reminiscing about love lost.  In this effort it’s Tae’s heart that the ladies are singing about.  We see a rugged, handsome man that is both sweet and sour as the video…