Happy Holidays- Georgia

We wait all year long for the holiday season and then it’s over in a matter of days. Some of us want to be able to enjoy the season for a little bit longer and that is why I put my Christmas tree up already. The holidays can be a tricky time for many people, and this is my first year totally by myself in my own apartment. It’s just me and my cats trying to make the best of this life. Sure I’ll go over to my family for the actual holiday and dinner, but when I come home every night, I want a bit of the Christmas spirit around to make me smile after a long day. Right now I’m in the middle of a ton of life changes, mostly for the better, but they are still stressful; so if a little holiday cheer can fix that, that is what we will do. … Also I DO have cats, so this is the closest I could get to a holiday tree haha.

Yes, my tree is just a strand of garland and lights draped on the wall
The coziest part of the holidays
And so it begins…
But seriously, look how pretty!!