Blake Shelton Joins Oklahoma Researchers to Study Bear Cubs {PICS}

Blake Shelton recently spent the day with a group of wildlife biologists and researchers from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and Oklahoma State Universities.

According to the OWCF, Blake watched as wildlife biologists and bear researchers collected data from a cute cub. They wrote in a post on Facebook, “Bear biologists recorded the weight, chest girth, sex and any distinguishing marks. They also inserted a tracking tag (similar to a microchip), which researchers can scan for identification purposes if they ever catch the bear again. Lastly, they returned the cub to its mother in her den.”

“In order for researchers to get the cub to collect data, they had to tranquilize the momma bear. Researchers don’t leave until they know the mother bear is back to normal and the cub is safe.”

CUB HUG! Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation Board Director Blake Shelton spent the day in eastern Oklahoma with…

Posted by Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Photo: Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation