Nosy is Up For Adoption After Being Found Living Inside a Wall After Her Owner Passed Away.

Our Furry Friday pet of the week is Nosy who is up for adoption at Norfolk SPCA Adoption Center & Veterinary Clinics.

Named for her purr-fectly pink nose, she is 12-years-young. She was rescued from a residential home after her owner passed away. A concerned neighbor knew Nosey, and two other siblings, must still be living inside the house. Neighbors searched indoors and found evidence the cats were still inside and had not escaped outdoors on their own, but were not able to be found. Cat scratches and a hole were discovered on a wall, and realized the cats were living inside the house walls but unable to be reached/seen.

After searching for weeks, and leaving out food and fresh water, the cats were finally safely caught. Nosey has overcome so much in her life, and is now awaiting her next forever home at the Norfolk SPCA. She loves to relax her days away and snuggling in any cozy bed or blanket. If you’re looking for a couch potato or someone to share your movie snacks with, Nosey is your girl!

She welcomes back and neck scratches, and will tell you she’s enjoying herself with her sweet purrs and slow blinks.

Norfolk SPCA Adoption Center is open from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM every Monday and Wednesday – Sunday. Closed Tuesdays for animal enrichment and staff training.