Tim McGraw’s Daughters Aren’t Interested in His Music: “It’s Just Dad.”

To the world, Tim McGraw is a country music superstar, but to his daughters, he’s just dad.  Tim told his record label that when he is working on new music I play it for my wife, and she usually hears some of the songs I’m gonna do, and she listens to the mixes and stuff as we’re going along.”

The kids are a different story.  Tim joked, “they don’t really care anything about what I’m doing, as long as they’ve got a credit card and their meal ticket’s paid at the cafeteria they’re usually pretty happy.”

Every once in a while, Tim’s daughters will ask to hear a song or he’ll send them a song he’s working on that he thinks they might like, or that makes him think of them.  But for the most part, Tim said “They usually wait til it comes out, then their friends tell ‘em about it.  Then they’ll go, “Ehh, that’s okay, it’s just dad.”

That’s not to say his kids don’t love him.  Daughter Gracie recently got a tattoo in honor of her Mom and Dad.


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and Tim celebrated Gracie with a sweet post on her 24th birthday.


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