Florida Georgia Line Had to Plead Their Case to Record “Cruise” Back in 2011

Florida Georgia Line had a huge hit with ‘Cruise’ back in 2011 but it almost didn’t happen.

Chase Rice, who co-wrote the song, originally pushed for Luke Bryan to record it, because he was already a star. But Brian Kelley convinced him that FGL should do it.

Chase said quote, “I wanted Luke Bryan or somebody big to cut it. [Because] at that time, nobody knew who they were.” Chase wasn’t a star either, so having Luke onboard meant the song would have a better chance of becoming a hit.

Luckily, the FGL guys wouldn’t let up. Chase added, “Brian [Kelley] was a huge believer in it. He was like, ‘Dude, this is huge, this is monstrous.’ I didn’t really see it at the time, but I’m glad he did.”