Subway Revamps Menu in a Big Way (But the Tuna Will Remain the Same)

Nearly half of the Subway restaurants in the United States will close their restaurants at 6 p.m. on July 12th to prepare for a major overhaul.

Subway will launch the “biggest, boldest changes that we’ve made to the brand in decades.” on July 13, according to Trevor Haynes, head of Subway’s North American division.

One menu item that won’t change, however, is Subway’s tuna, which recently has been the subject of a lawsuit and a New York Times investigation that claims that it isn’t actually tuna. But Subway stands by its sandwich.

“We love our tuna,” Haynes said. “It is nothing but 100% tuna. And it is one of the few things that we did not change because we are very proud of the product.”

The Eat Fresh Refresh™ arrives in U.S. restaurants nationwide on July 13 with more than 20 menu updates including 11 new and improved ingredients, six all-new or returning sandwiches, and four revamped signature sandwiches.

To celebrate Subway is planning on giving away up to 1 million sandwiches for free from 10 a.m. to noon, local time.

photo courtesy of Subway


Guests can visit any participating Subway Restaurant and get a free six-inch new Turkey Cali Fresh sub upon request. *