Gary LeVox Opens Up About the End of Rascal Flatts: ‘I Hate That There Was No Closure’

Rascal Flatts frontman, Gary LeVox, got candid in a new interview with People about why the band called it quits after more than two decades together.

He tells the publication, “I’ve never been OK with the way that it ended. I was never OK with….” before pausing and saying, “I wasn’t happy that Joe Don quit.”

“It kind of came out of nowhere.” he revealed. “It was like, ‘Let me try to wrap my head around this.’ And then I certainly wasn’t okay with the pandemic, which canceled everything. I hate the way that it ended. I hate that we didn’t get to do this farewell tour. I can’t stand the fact that it just feels there’s no closure with something that we’ve been so blessed with. That will always be in my heart.”

The band’s farewell tour was scheduled before the pandemic hit but they never officially announced a break-up.

Gary does not give any more details about Joe Don quitting and when asked if he had spoken to Rooney following his DUI arrest in September he said, “I have not talked to him. And I was heartbroken too. But you know what? I think God gets your attention in different ways. I just wish him the best and I hope he gets everything that he needs to get well and take care of whatever issues he’s got going on. There’s power in prayer.”

LeVox will embark on his first solo tour in 2022 in support of his new album, ‘Working on Sunday.’

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