Elephant Looking for Love Charges a Group of People on Safari. {Watch}

You get to close to my woman and I’ll charge you also. Back up, back up!

What are we doing here, folks? Do we want to be eatin by the elephant? I know elephants do eat humans, atleast, I don’t think they do, but c’mon!!! Actually, now that I think of it…I rode an elephant one in my life. Yeah, the circus was in town a very long time ago in my hometown and I rode this sweet elephant into the big tent. Honestly, it was a little intimidating, but sweet too!

That’s as far as I go when it comes to elephants. These safari’s are crazy. I’ve seen way too many videos of folks getting way to close to wild animals in their natural habitats. You throw in an elephant that’s looking for love, you got some serious problems. Luckily here nobody was hurt. Check it out!