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Josh and Amy went out and according to what Josh has told us, things went well. However, most guys would probably say things went smoothly when they actually didn’t. When pressed for info, Josh had nothing to say about anything he may have done or said to scare Amy off. He’s asked us to intervene.…Read More

Liz and Wayne are a couple of gamers who decided to meet up and get down on some Borderland 3. From what Wayne was telling us, things went really well during the date and he doesn’t understand why Liz isn’t returning any of his calls. Typical guy, right? Wayne has asked for our assistance. Let’s…Read More

Emily and Ben met up and according to Emily, things went pretty well. However, Ben has been missing in action ever since. Emily would love to know what happened. Was it something she said or did? She’s reached out and hasn’t heard back from Ben. She’s come to the right place. Let’s find out why…Read More

Dan and Irene met on one of those dating sites and decided to meet up in Portsmouth to see if they click. According to Dan, things went really well. When we asked him what might have gone wrong, the only thing that Dan can think about is that he was crazy nervous going in to…Read More

James and Emily went out and according to James, things went really well. He doesn’t understand what happened. Like most guys, wait, what? When we asked him what happened, the only thing James said was that maybe she was bored with him. Let’s hope now and let’s see if we can find out what happened…Read More