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Frank reached out about the date he went on with Kayla. The whole story is insane, especially the way he first met Kayla. Despite the unusual way of meeting, they went out and according to Frank, things really went well. That’s why he’s not sure why Kayla isn’t responding to any of his texts or…Read More

Maria reached out her date with about Dan. They went on a date a few weeks ago and Dan is mia. They met on Tinder and check this out, they went roller skating. How cool is that? Maria said that Dan had a hard time skating, other than that, things went well. The only thing…Read More

Rachel reached out about the date she went on with Phil. From what Rachel was telling us, it was the best date she’s ever been on. Crazy, right? They really hit it off from what she was saying, but now, radio silence from Phil. What could’ve happened to the guy? Let’s see if we can…Read More

Chris reached out about the date that he went on with Angela. From what Chris was telling us, these two knew of each other when they were in high school, but never pursued anything until now. From what Chris was telling us, things went really well. Chris invited Angela over to his place and made…Read More

Tina reached out about the date she went on with Ken. According to Tina, things went really well between the two. Tina was telling us that they met up at Ken’s house and he made dinner. When pressed, Tina can’t think of anything that may have scared Ken away. She would love to know why…Read More