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Rachel reached out about Craig. From what Rachel was telling us, she and Craig really hit it off. They had dinner at the same restaurant that Craig works at and really had a nice evening. Every since they went out, it’s been crickets from Craig. What happened to the guy? Let’s see if we can…Read More

Kevin reached out about Kristine. From what Kevin was saying, they went out and had a really good time. They met on Facebook and decided to meet up and get to know each other. Kevin said it was a fun time. So, why is Kristine ghosting him? Kevin can’t think of anything that happened that…Read More

Tom reached out about Meredith. From what he was saying, Tom met Meredith at a friend’s party. They hit it off, Tom got her number and he asked her out. The only thing weird that Tom told us was that they went out for drinks, but the date only lasted an hour. On purpose. Tom…Read More

This hasn’t happened before on Second Date Update. Tim reached out to us after going out with Allison. From what Tim was telling us, things went really well between him and Allison and now he can’t for the life of him figure out why she would be ghosting him. Let’s see if we can get…Read More

Brook reached out about the date that she went on with Dan. From what Brook was telling us, things really went well between her and Dan. When asked, she can’t think of anything that may have happened during their dinner date that could have potentially scared Dan away. The only thing that Brook could think…Read More