Cash and Carly’s Couples Court


Cash and Carly listen to couple’s biggest arguments and help decide who wins on Couple’s Court.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:50am on 97.3 The Eagle. 

Andrew and Kelly

Andrew and Kelly can’t agree on where to keep the thermostat. Andrew is sweating to death and Kelly can’t warm up. Let’s see if we can help these kids out. Cash Warren · Couples Court Andrew And Kelly

tim and denise

Tim wants to donate to some charities and Denise thinks they should save until things go back to normal. Let’s see if we can help these folks out. Cash Warren · Couples Court Tim And Denise (give To Charity) 5.28

Susan and Russ

Russ has this idea that he’s going to start waking up early to run. It seems like a good idea, but, the guy can’t get out of bed. He sleeps through his alarms and he’s constantly pressing the snooze button. Well, it’s driving Susan crazy! Let’s see if we can help these two out. Cash…

Barbara and James

Barbara and James have been at each other’s throats since the quarantine. So much that they’re beginning to think about going their separate ways. Before they head to Splitsville, they’ve allowed us one more opportunity to help. Cash Warren · Couples Court Barbara And James

dennis and julia

Dennis is in some hot water because Julia found out that his travel plans have changed. Was it a simple misunderstanding, or was Dennis up to no good? Let’s find out. Cash Warren · Couple’s Court Dennis And Julia (November Trip) 6.11

george and leslie

George can’t help but comment every time Leslie’s Dad gets political on his social media pages. Should he stop? Probably, but let’s take it to Hampton Roads and find out! Cash Warren · Couple’s Court George And Leslie 6.9 (politic Talk)

jason and sheryll

How do you explain what’s going in the world to a 5-year-old? Jason and Sheryll can’t agree on what to do. Let’s see if we can help these two out. Cash Warren · Couples Court Jason & Sheryll (protests) 6.4

MIke and Valerie

Mike and Valerie have been quarantined like the rest of us. Mike has some concerns that Valerie has been drinking a little too much since this whole thing started. How much is too much? Let’s find out. Cash Warren · Couples Court Mike And Valerie (she Drinks Too Much) 6.3

Alyssa and Blake

Alyssa and Blake have a friend who’s engaged to a total monster! Blake wants to try and talk his buddy out of it, while Alyssa thinks he should leave him alone. What should they do?

jesse and olivia

Jesse wants to go out and meet his neighbors and maybe play some board games. Olivia thinks they should wait it out until after the pandemic. What should they do?

todd and paula

Todd and Paula’s son is going crazy because he wants to see his girlfriend. Paula doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, Todd thinks they should wait it out.

Nick and Anne

Nick and Anne can’t agree on whether they should buy gym equipment for the house. Anne said they already have a treadmill, but it works more as a closet than anything else. Let’s see if we can help these two out.

liz and rob

Rob thinks it would be a good idea to meet up with his neighbors so they can hang out during the quarantine. Liz thinks it would be weird and would rather not. They’ve come to the right place.

marty and karen

Marty and Karen can’t agree on whether or not to allow folks to pet their dog during the quarantine. Karen doesn’t want folks to touch her dog while Marty doesn’t really think it’s a big deal.

jimmy and shelby

Jimmy and Shelby are quarantined and Shelby wants to remodel their apartment without the help of a professional. Jimmy isn’t sure this is a good idea. They’ve come to the right place.

johnny and diane

Johnny and Diane are arguing about the movies Diane is watching with their 10-month-old baby. Let’s find out what she’s watching and if it’s a big deal.

Jamie and Louie can’t agree on if they should or shouldn’t continue to have family dinners with the kids during the quarantine. I think they’ve all had enough of each other. Let’s see if we can help these two.

luke and sharon

Luke and Sharon can’t agree on what to tell their 4-year-old when it comes to the Coronavirus. Should they be straight up with him or tell him something to get by until things get back to normal? Let’s see if we can help.

rich and mary

Rich and Mary are quarantined together and according to Mary, they’ve eaten everything in the house. Now, she wants to fast to lose weight, and Rich isn’t having it. Let’s see if we can help.