Stephanie Taylor

Join Stephanie Taylor on 97.3 The Eagle in the evenings. She stays on trend with “Stephanie’s Scoop” every hour in your Trend on the 20.

Stephanie started in radio in her hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia before coming to The Eagle in 2006. Prior to that, she interned for Sony Music in Nashville and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

Stephanie is passionate about animal rescue and works closely with our local shelters to feature her Adoptable Pet of the Week every Furry Friday.

Stephanie lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Brian and their two rescue cats, Louie and Hobbes. They enjoy completing DIY projects together on their fixer upper home (Brian and Stephanie that is, the cats are lazy and do not help.)

Here’s Stephanie’s Scoop

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Chase Rice Fulfills Childhood Dream Opening for Garth Brooks {PICS}

Chase Rice’s first concert was a Garth Brooks show back when he was just 11 years old. So it was a first circle moment when Garth asked him to open up at his Detroit show on Saturday. When Garth asks you to come to Detroit with him to open at Ford Field for a sold…


An 84-Year-Old Woman Putts Her Way Into A New Car! ~ CASH {Video}

What a shot! She meant to do that, right? Mary Ann Wakefield was enjoying the Ole Miss and Alabama basketball game on Saturday when she was called down to the court. Here’s the thing, sink the put across the court, and we’ll hook you up with a Nissan. This challenge would have scared most off,…

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Survey Shows People Discover Their Favorite Band at Age 13

Do you remember your favorite band or artist when you were 13? Do you still like them? A new survey shows that you find your favorite band around the age of 13 and stick with ’em. Guess I’m in the minority. At 13, I bought my first CD- Boyz II Men ‘Cooleyhighharmony.’  They were hands…


FaceBook Is Listening To Everything You Say~Here’s The Fix~Carly!

Did you have any idea that Facebook has been listening to US users of its apps since 2014?????????, Kelli Burns, a communications professor at the University of South Florida, told the paper that she believes Facebook listens to all conversations people have while the app is open, to serve more relevant ads to those people…


Rogue Wave Sends 4 To The Hospital in Virginia Beach! ~ CASH {Video}

What was that all about? You go out to see some Whale’s and you get nailed by a wave that has a serious attitude problem. I keep telling you guys, the ocean is a scary place. Having grown up in the desert, I can stand and look at the ocean for hours. It’s so intimidating…