Easter Fool’s Day! Epic Pranks to pull on your family!

Easter falls on April Fool’s Day this year- let the fun begin!!

Here’s how to make them

Or take the yummy creamy filling out of a Cadbury egg and replace it with mayo!

Chocolate bunnies aren’t safe either


And there’s this…at least boil the egg first!

Ultimate Easter Prank from r/funny

Easter eggs filled with candy? Not this year! Stuff those plastic Easter eggs with broccoli, beans (not jelly beans) and carrot coins and explain that’s what the Easter Bunny likes to eat.

Is this cereal? Nope they are in for a crunchy surprise

Trick your kids on April Fool’s with these silly (and easy!) food pranks! ?

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Or have the ultimate Easter Egg hunt…but without any eggs.

Cruel, just cruel