Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Flowers Were Turned Into Bouquets for Hospice Patients

Let’s break down the royal nuptials by the numbers:

1 Hour:
The ceremony started at roughly 12:06, and Meghan and Harry were outside the chapel at 1:06.

20 Choirs Members, 600 guests, 100,000 spectators

$42.8 Million.

CNBC estimates that Harry and Meghan’s nuptials cost $42.8 million, with 94 percent of the budget going toward security.

and lemons??

Yes 200 Lemons to be exact. The palace revealed on May 18 that 200 Amalfi lemons were used to make the couple’s lemon elderflower wedding cake. 200 is also the number of people who scored invites to Prince Charles‘ second reception for the pair.

So what about the flowers? The gorgeous royal wedding flowers that adorned St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle didn’t go to waste…They were sent to the St. Joseph’s Hospice in London!

The health care facility announced on Facebook on Sunday that the staff had just received the “very special delivery” of “beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers.”