Carrie’s son really loves this bizarre toy, Walker Hayes returns to social media with a sweet message to his wife and more!

Nashville News Update:

Brett Eldredge is in the new issue of Men’s Health and he revealed his secret to staying fit on tour…Edgar!

Brett trainer also spoke to the mag revealing his workout tips and they include lots of doggy/daddy time.

He says Brett looks for places to hike or run in the cities he’s visiting. “Edgar has been a great addition; you don’t feel like you’re working out when you’re playing with your dog,” says Hunka. Plus, “Brett is a lot more relaxed when Edgar is around.”

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And he’s even used Edgar as a weight room replacement! His trainer says Bret will scoop up Edgar, hold him to his chest, and do squats or lunges. Read more here

Meanwhile Carrie Underwood’s little boy loves playing with their two dogs…and a potato? The country star mom shared this hilarious Instagram pic of Isaiah’s favorite toy

hmm maybe they should get him a Mr Potato Head?


speaking of classic toys..Little Big Town shared their new music video and it oozes summer nostalgia. Check out Karen’s 80s style bike with that yellow basket on the front. WANT!

and it’s been just a little under a week since Walker Hayes and his wife Laney suffered the tragic loss of their newborn daughter, Oakleigh Klover, just days before her due date.

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Walker returned to social media on Tuesday to send a sweet message to Laney in honor of their 14th wedding anniversary.