Pit Bull Becomes Best Friend and Free Transportation for Senior, Paralyzed Chihuahua [PICS]

Tit is a senior Chihuahua who has irreversible nerve damage which prevents him from using his back legs. Along with the nerve damage, Tito also suffered from a collapsed trachea and an infected tumor.

After surviving treatment and surgery, Tito moved into the animal lover’s home, which she shares with two pit bull rescue dogs named Frank and Piper

Piper, who has helped Helfer look after dozens of foster pets, happily welcomed Tito into the furry fold, but it was Frank who truly gravitated toward the tiny pup.

Moments after meeting, the pair became inseparable and can almost always be found snuggling, if they aren’t on walks together.

But since Tito cannot walk on his own, he hangs out in the pocket of Frank’s vest!!

The dog’s owner says Tito’s happiest moments are on these walks, especially when they stop at an outdoor cafe!