Florida Georgia Line’s new album will be their “most country yet”

Good news Florida Georgia Line fans, new music is coming! Can’t Say I Ain’t Country will be in stores Feb 15th

The guys revealed to Taste of Country there will be a collaboration with Jason Derulo, “That one’s going to have a big impact; that one’s going to really connect. We kind of knew it the day we wrote it and got in the studio and recorded it. It’s a tribute song, and it’s done in a way that just sounds right. I feel like we really executed the songwriting and the recording of it and hopefully our fans take notice in that, too. The content of the song, the message, is what’s going to be big.”



and they said it will be their most country album yet, “It’s a nod of the cap, kind of a throwback, FGL twist on some ’90s country — our roots. It’s probably our most country record yet. It still sounds and feels like FGL, and I think that’s when we know we’ve done our job. But it still sounds fresh — another way you haven’t heard us,” he says. “Everything’s a little louder, a little bigger. I don’t think we’ve ever repeated ourselves and we love that about it. We’ve tried very hard and very intentionally not to do that.”

While we wait, here’s the first song released off the new album