I’m not ready for this. A little help please.

I’ve never had chicken and waffles before. Well, not together anyway. I’m not sure I would have it since fried foods, bread and sugar don’t fit into my diet. However, not saying I don’t like chicken and waffles. I think they’re fabulous. But I don’t think everything belongs in a cereal. And that’s what’s going to happen very soon. Post is releasing “Chicken and Waffle Honey Brunches of Oats” sometime in March and exclusively at Walmart. I hear that there’s NO actual meat in it, but there are fun drumstick shaped crunchies.

I am curious to find out if this DOES taste like chicken. So, if any of you try it, would you please enlighten me if it has even a hint of poultry flavor? I’ll take your word for it. #IAintEatingItYOUEatIt


(Photo Credit:  Post Consumer Brands)