Bride Slammed for Not Asking Best Friend to Be in Wedding… Because of Her Breasts

This bride decided not to ask one of her closest friends to be a bridesmaid – and it’s all because of the size of the woman’s boobs.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed bride shared her side of the story, asking fellow users if she was an “a**hole” for not including her friend in the wedding party.

AITA for not asking a friend to be a bridesmaid because of her body? from r/AmItheAsshole

well she asked for judgement and she got it

One person agreed she was being an “a**hole”.

They said: “You specifically didn’t include someone in your wedding party for a medical problem they can’t control. Trade out the issue at hand with ‘needs a wheelchair’ or ‘has a prosthetic arm’ and you’ll see the clear issue.”

Another commented: “The best way to handle the ‘one bridesmaid needs a different sort of dress’ is to not do matching dresses but instead matching colors.”

A third added: “I would be so hurt if someone I knew from childhood decided not to include me because I was too skinny or because I had different colored hair or because I had a certain sized breast.”

by the way she eventually came around. She has promised to sit down with Erin, apologize to her and do whatever she can to rectify the situation.