Justin Moore shares his most embarrassing moment, and it was Luke Bryan who came to the rescue!


Justin Moore revealed to CMT , “We were at the ACMS…2015, I think, and I was presenting with my idol Dwight Yoakum. I’m wearing a suit with nothing on under my suit because it was a tight suit. Anyway, its gross I know. Uh, it was a tight suit and nothing could fit.”

Cue the bad decision that led to the cringe-worthy moment.

“I had my suit cut at the bottom to go over my boots and while we are getting ready… it starts splitting, and it splits up to the middle of my calf,” laughs Justin. “I go, ‘This is not good.’ But, I can get through this. It splits up to the middle of you know what.”

Unsung hero, Luke Bryan came to the rescue.

“Luke is putting gaff tape on my suit pants from my inner thigh to the middle of my ankle. I walk out like I have a peg leg cause I don’t want the tape to come off because god knows what’s gonna happen then.”