Kindergartner’s ‘Crazy Face’ School Photos Go Viral

An Altanta kindergartner’s school photos have gone viral after his mom shared the pictures of his “crazy face.”

Stronajai Miles discovered the photos in her son Andrew’s backpack. She said she’s reached out to the photographer in hopes of scheduling a re-shoot for her son, who when asked for an explanation said, “Because that was a crazy face!”


Well she’s not alone…I brought home this photo in 4th grade.

Yep that’s me in the front making THAT face and here’s why.  The photographer made me roll my jeans down (I was rocking the pinch rolled look- who remembers that?) and I was MAD.  Like really mad.  As you can see.


I also clearly didn’t roll them down all the way so I look like an angry L.L. Cool J.

I apologize now to all my fellow classmates and their parents for this horrible class photo.