Only In New York: Man loads trees onto NYC subway, delaying train’s departure

So true story, a few months ago I was chatting with an older gentleman at the YMCA while we were working out next to each other.

He mentioned he had a pomegranate tree and offered to bring me one. I said “sure thanks!” thinking he would bring me a piece of fruit.


The next day I arrived at the gym he said “I have something for you” and handed me a pomegranate TREE!!

So here I am walking around the Y with a tree (ok it was a more like the size of a bush but still awkward!)

I took it home to my husband and he was like “What am I supposed to do with this???”

Well we planted it and we’ve yet to see anything bloom so I’m still hoping the gentleman brings me just a piece of fruit sometime 🙂

So when this video went viral today I could relate to this guy randomly trying to get trees onto a subway train in New York.

Who knows the reason behind it but it’s entertaining none the less.

— Stephanie