That Moment I Met Cash & Carly

The day that I learned that we were getting a new morning show, I wanted to find out everything I could about them. Are they good people? Are they fun? WOULD I APPROVE???? HAHA!

No, seriously…would I approve?

I’ve been in this business for a long time and one thing that really stands out to me with anyone is this: real…genuine…people. Positive, encouraging, not afraid to take chances and not afraid to fail. Not afraid to laugh at themselves…and most days, take things with a grain of salt. We get one. One life. That’s it. And I believe that we embrace it with everything we have. So, did these two fit the bill?  Would I like them?

I thought that I would.  I mean, I pretty much like everyone!  But I didn’t expect this:

I arrived at the station on the Saturday morning before Cash & Carly took to the airwaves. I was gonna feel ’em out. Well…right after I welcomed them, of course! I wasn’t gonna scare ’em off right away! 😉 What happened was this: I literally felt an instant connection with these two. Carly & I had so much in common that it was almost scary! Seriously! It’s like we’re sisters, almost. I think we should take one of those DNA tests or something. And Cash and I started a conversation and it took such a hysterical turn that I thought I’d pee my pants.

And as I got to spend more time with them, I felt like I had known them forever. I absolutely love these two. Cash didn’t even think twice when I asked him to join me for the breast cancer walk in October. He even offered to dye his hair pink. Carly and I have already planned out our girl trips to the spas and wine bars.

And this is why I wanted to do something special for them…and to give YOU a chance to get to know them too…like I do!

I’ve planned a very special “Welcome to Hampton Roads” party for Cash & Carly and YOU are invited! It’s happening at the Eagle’s Nest in Chesapeake on Friday, May 3rd at 5 pm. There will be drink specials and a chance for you to win prizes as you “get to know” Cash & Carly! We’re going to play a game of Truth or Dare with them and you get to ask the questions! It’ll be fun! I’ve already asked them ON THE AIR to tell us if they’ve ever passed gas in public and they haven’t unfriended me yet. (The dare was they would have to eat Peeps. Avoiding eating Peeps at all costs definitely makes me love them more.)

So please make plans to join me as we officially welcome Cash & Carly to Hampton Roads on May 3rd at the Eagle’s Nest in Chesapeake! Look forward to hanging out with you! – KW