Internet Drags Couple Expecting First Baby for Asking Neighbors to Do Chores, Provide Meals

Typically when new parents welcome a baby neighbors or friends might pitch in to help bringing a lasagna.  That’s pretty normal, right?

This expecting Dad took it to another level though.  On a meal sharing website he posted a lengthy request asking for neighbors to provide very specific dishes.

Breakfast, for instance, can be Paleo breakfast egg muffins with thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, pork breakfast sausage, and 3 tablespoons of melted and cooled ghee. As for dinner ideas he requested spiced lamb meatball and Swiss chard stew.

He even included 30 + links to the recipes!

But don’t expect a thank you if you deliver one of these dishes.  He wrote:

“If we could use some food but prefer no distractions, I’ll put a big white cooler in our side yard.”

When a neighbor posted it on Twitter it quickly went viral



Well others agreed saying he took it WAY too far

The Dad spoke to the NY Post to explain himself saying:

“I apologize if it was taken the wrong way — and I’m frankly just very surprised and a little disheartened by … the response. If they are not interested, then they don’t have to check that site or do anything. This is the world we live in.”