The Shoe is BACK!

Siiiiiigh. I promised myself that I would not get sucked into the internet abyss again after the great viral dress debate of 2015. Yet, here I am…focusing my eyes on a pic of somebody’s sneaker and trying to see what the fuss is about.  We’ve had this argument about this SAME shoe in 2017…and now it’s back for round 2!  Why?????  Let’s settle this.

Aaaaaand…I saw both. Yep. At first, I saw them as teal. And then I saw them as pink.

Apparently, if we’re right brain dominant, we will see pink.  If we are left brain dominant, we will see teal.

Now I’m scaring myself.

The shoe is PINK, btw.  Or…as the description states, Mahogany Rose.  Same thing.

Do you still see teal now?