Am I in the wrong for cancelling my wife’s Mother’s Day?

A Dad cancelled Mother’s Day and asked on Reddit “Am I the A**hole here?”

In his post he says:

Last year in June my wife told me she doesn’t want to celebrate fathers day. Her reasoning was simple, she wanted our children to respect us everyday and not make one day a special occasion for celebrating fathers or mothers. I was a little hesitant but I agreed and we took the day to try to teach them that.

Well, now that mothers day is coming around she’s changing her tune. All of the sudden she wants me and the kids to take her out for breakfast, buy her gifts, and do other things for her. I obviously told her no, that we didn’t celebrate fathers day and this was her idea to begin with. All of the sudden she got super upset and is claiming i’m the asshole here. She’s now saying we should celebrate both days and that it’s unfair to her that we aren’t celebrating mothers day. We fought about this last night and she’s still mad about it.

Here’s the full thread on Reddit

AITA for not letting my wife have mothers day after she “canceled” fathers day? from r/AmItheAsshole

Well Reddit users voted and agreed-he’s not the a-hole. Do you agree?