Take Some Mini-Vacations!

This past week, I listened as my sweet sis-in-law said she needed a vacation in the worst way. When we reminded her of our next overseas trip in November, she made a lot of sense when she said she needed one NOW!

After thinking it over a couple of days, I wondered what the real definition of “vacation” was. To me? It’s time off to recharge the batteries. It’s not about crossing stuff off the chores list, unless that’s how you like to recharge…but I’m not like that. Sometimes, I like to just wear my sweats and binge TV shows alone. Weather depending, I like to visit parks or family. And sometimes, I like to just get in my car and drive somewhere I’ve never been. One time, I just stopped and stood in a field of sunflowers and soaked up the ambiance! (No worries. The owner let me) Bottom line is, it’s not about any kind of work at all, like stuff you do normally day to day. Since she works from home, I could definitely see how even staying at home doesn’t seem like a vacation to her.

So when we asked her what she would like to do, she just wanted to get out in nature and see flowers and the blooming trees. She wanted to visit antique stores. So, this weekend, we’re calling it a vacation and taking a day trip to the Eastern Shore. We’re bringing our GOOD cameras (no cellphone pics). We’re going to document our mini-vacation on video so we can look back on it and plan more of these. And we’re going to find a new place to eat some good food. Sure, it’s only a day, but guess what won’t happen? Laundry, yard work, paperwork…basically…WORK of any kind.

I take vacations often. At least a couple of days a week when I leave the office and most times when I have the weekend off. A vacation doesn’t have to be a week long at the beach or two weeks in a different state or country. It can be right here in our own backyard. As long as it’s something you can do to recharge and refresh, anytime and anywhere, just call it a “vacation” and enjoy. And schedule them often! It’s amazing what it can do for your spirit. – KW