Stephen King says, “IT: Chapter 2” Is Going To Be Amazing! – CASH

Stephen King says, “IT: Chapter 2” is going to be amazing!

Of course, he would say that about his own story, right? Wrong! Stephen King usually doesn’t comment nor like any of the projects they have taken from him and turned them into full feature films. You heard what he said about “The Shining” back in 1980, didn’t you? He hated that they cast Jack Nicholson as the lead because he already looks sinister. Jack’s transformation into the crazy ax-wielding psychopath wasn’t going to be convincing.

I’m not sure if he’s right about that or not, but Jack “killed” the role. You see what I did there, killed?

Also, it looks like the success of the first remake has allowed the filmmakers to seek out top talent to cast the adults, who are returning 27 years after their first encounter with the killer clown. This time, they mean business.

It appears that bringing back Stephen King movies is going to be a thing. I’m sure you saw the new “Pet Cemetery” movie they made? Don’t forget about the new “Carrie” film they made either. I’m still waiting for them to re-create “Cat’s Eye” and “Sleepwalkers.” That would be awesome!

If you haven’t seen the new trailer for, “IT: Chapter 2” take a look. Enjoy!