Parents Looking For A Harry Potter Themed Tutor To Help Child. – CASH

Parents are looking for a Harry Potter themed tutor to help their child.

Calling all unemployed Harry Potter fans! This could be the ultimate dream gig for our witches and wizards in training. You’ve also got to be smarty pants at pretty much all laboratory science courses. So, basically, they’re looking for a Walter White who loves Harry Potter.

The lucky sorcerer needs to be knowledgeable in chemistry, biology, and physics. Funny, all the courses I was terrible at in school. However, if it was taught through Harry Potter goggles, I may have excelled. The parents said they would like to transform their kitchen into Hogwarts.

The ad that was posted for the gig stresses the importance of transforming into Harry Potter for each lesson plan. The lucky wizard tutor will also have to provide props and wands to use during their lesson plan. Oh, and you must have at least 4 years of science teaching experience.

That gig pays well at around $100 an hour for only 1 hour a week! For more info, click here.