Survey finds that 76 percent of Americans think they are terrific drivers. They’re not.

A new survey has found that fully 76 percent of Americans say they are good drivers


But they aren’t.

In fact, 93 percent admitting to unsafe behavior like:
– 57% admit to being distracted while turning the radio station (tip- Keep it on 97.3 The Eagle!)
– 37% admit to eating while driving
– 9% admit to texting and driving (you know there are a lot more people than that though)

-24% admit to speeding.




So do you honestly really think you are a good driver?


I’m not.  There, I said it.

I’m easily distracted.  I hit just about every curb I come across while parking. I rarely speed but only because my car beeps loudly at me when I go over the limit.  And…you know those darn Virginia drivers who don’t know what to do in bad weather? That’s me.

So what do I do about it? My husband typically drives on long trips (honestly he’s probably under-confident in me too). I put my phone on airplane mode while driving so I’m not tempted by notifications.  I pull into a parking space on the left side only so I can judge the distance better.  I don’t drive in bad weather and I have that annoying beep to stop me from speeding.




So I guess I’m below average in the driving department but at least I’m aware of it and working on improving.