Moving Across The Country Almost Killed Me! ~ CASH

Moving across the country almost killed me!

About a week and a half ago, Carly and I were talking about a recent poll that suggests that people would rather spend a week in jail, rather than move. I’ve moved several times in my career and they’ve all been a miserable experience. However, this move almost took me out completely.

I think it’s a psychological thing. I was trying to trick my mind into thinking that it wouldn’t be that bad of an experience. Boy, was I wrong! I flew back to Texas on Friday, rolled by to grab the moving truck, and then started packing things up. I had looked into several moving companies to help find the best option, but the companies that do it all for you usually charge you a kajillion dollars. Since I don’t have a kajillion dollars, I had my brother and Mom drive up from southern New Mexico to help out.

We started by getting rid of several dressers that we knew weren’t going to make the trip. We actually went through and got rid of a ton of stuff. It sure didn’t seem like it when we started moving things into the truck. Also, I got a 16 ft. truck, which I thought was going to be big enough, it wasn’t. In the midst of trying to downsize, we got rid of a rocking horse my mother had bought for my daughter last year. When my Mom found out, she wasn’t very happy about it. I felt terrible for letting that thing go. Then, to top it all off, I caught a cold or something on the last day I was there. If it could go wrong for me, it did with this move.

We somehow managed to get most of the things in the truck, all while parting with as much stuff as we possibly could. Now, the real fun part, unloading it all into my much smaller apartment that I’m now renting, all while battling the heat and humidity. For the sake of my sanity, and my lovely wife, I’m going to have to hire a couple of guys to unload the truck.

Know anyone who is willing to make a quick buck?