Someone Just Figured Out Your Car Has a Secret, Built-In Taco Holder! — Stephanie

Have you seen those memes “I was this age when I found out?”

(Ok honestly- I googled this meme to come up with an example and now I am today years old when I found that out! I had no idea)

Anyway…Some other things we didn’t know until the internet clued us in:

Chinese takeout containers unfold to make plates

Your ketchup holder unfolds to make a bowl for easier dipping

YSK Ketchup cups in fast food restaurants open up for a wider dipping area from r/YouShouldKnow

And now this…you thought it was a sunglasses holder in your car? WRONG!

After this was posted on Twitter it quickly went viral with everyone saying “I was today years old when I realized I can now have a taco holder in my car”