My New Year’s Resolution was to just give up. No, seriously

I love to read but I hate starting a book and not finishing it. Part of me always thinks “maybe I didn’t give it enough time.”

But this year I decided to allow myself to just give up. If I’m not enjoying it, move on to one I will.

Like most New Year’s Resolutions though, I’m not great at sticking to it.

So this month I struggled through the Night Tiger (the company was better than the book in my opinion)

The Alternate Side (I wish it had an alternate ending)

Girl Stop Apologizing (Girl stop saying “girl” every other word)

This audiobook- I honestly can’t even remember what it was about

I’ve mentioned before my go-to is always WWII fiction but this one was a let down for me

Another motivational audiobook. Is it just me or do motivational books de-motivate you sometimes?

And this audiobook. Couldn’t even finish it and stopped a 1/3 of the way through (which HEY means I kept a resolution!)

Ok the ones I actually DID like!

A great summer romance

Another light summer read

and my favorite! The main character is so funny and complex and I absolutely fell in love with this book.

Maybe I should’ve just re-read it?

Let me know what you’re reading and actually enjoying!