Cash & Carly’s 4th of July Movie List! ~ CASH

It’s Cash & Carly’s 4th of July movie list!

Before you start binge-watching the 3rd season of “Stranger Things,” (the new season comes out on the 4th) take a look at some of the questionable 4th of July movies that were called into the show on Wednesday morning.

By the way, my wife has already decided that we’re going to have to watch all of season 2 of “Stranger Things” in order to get ready for the new season. Actually, I think she may have even mentioned watching the first season over and pushing through all season during the holiday break.

On Wednesday morning, we had a lively discussion about what could and what could not be considered a 4th of July movie. Something to keep in mind when looking at this list, we tried to stay away from war movies because those usually land in the Memorial Day movie marathon.

Here’s the list of movies in no particular order folks here in Hampton Roads get down on during the 4th of July.

~ Rocky 4

~ Miracle

~ My Girl

~ The Sandlot

~ Steel Magnolias

~ Field of Dreams

~ The Little Rascals

~ The Great Outdoors

~ JAWS – This has to be the ultimate 4th of July movie.

~ A League of Their Own

~ Top Gun

~ Forrest Gump

~ Captain America

~ National Treasure

~ Apollo 13

~ Red Dawn

Again, these were the, on the fence movies that could potentially work for the 4th of July. If you can think of any others, let us know.