Wanna Have Some Fun On-Air?

Be On Air 1

Do you want to be one of the people we talk to on air?

We have a growing list of “ringers.” It’s a list of Eagle listeners that we call from time to time to be on air answering questions, participating in polls, and giving us their opinion on a topic.

Would you like to have some fun and be on-air?


Let\’s Do This!

Here’s what makes this easy: You can be a “ringer” for us and not always answer the phone. If we call about a topic or story, and you can’t talk, just don’t pick up the phone! We’ll get you next time.

If you can pick up, please do. Our DJs will record every call for later playback. We’ll never put you on live. Then later in the day you’ll hear yourself on air. If you’d like an mp3 of your segment, we can get that for you too. Just save our number in your cell, so you know it’s us when we call.

Can\’t wait to chat with you!