Moon Day Oreos Review [PHOTO]

One of my favorite cookies of ALL-TIME is the Oreo. So since I’m on the air Saturday’s, and since today is Moon Day and the 50th Anniversary of the first moon walk. I figured it was a great idea to try the new limited edition Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookies.

As most of you probably know, sometimes the limited edition Oreos can be hit or miss. Some of the best flavors ever have come first by being a limited release, and then they are so popular that Oreo puts them out full time. And then there are some, that just shouldn’t even ever be a flavor to begin with.

There is no conspiracy around how amazing these cookies are, it’s your standard chocolate cookie, with a moon colored (dark purple/grayish) filling that may not taste like a marshmallow. But it TASTES AMAZING! A cool little added bonus is that Oreos made special additions to the cookie, with special illustrations, such as moons and rocket ships. A very cool detail.

So my final thoughts: The Marshmallow Moon Oreos, need to stay! They are incredible, I’m sure they will only be on the shelves for a little bit, but I hope they are around for a long time! You need these in your life, but you better hurry because they are probably going to be gone soon!