A carpeted bathroom? Woman’s shocked Reddit post goes viral {PICS}

A woman visited her husband’s grandma’s house over the weekend and was shocked to find it was carpeted

She shared the photo on Reddit

In the comment section she detailed showering in this carpeted bathroom saying:

Just went to take a shower, but while I was getting my clothes ready my husband turned the shower on for me. The showerhead somehow loosed itself from the wall and sprayed all over the entire bathroom, soaking every available surface and soaking him enough that he had to change clothes. “Well, sorry about that,” he said, as he left me to take the blame for it.

It’s going to be a long week.

and the comments started pouring in

One user wrote: “I for one would not go in there without shoes on.”

While another chimed in: “So now you get to wash your feet AND your hands after you poop!” Classy

And some worried about the sanitary factor: “Doesn’t that creat mould? When the water gets on the carpet when you come outta the shower?”

But one had a valid point: “I’ve been a in a few old people’s bathrooms with carpet and I’ve always assumed it was either because their feet her cold or they were afraid of slipping and falling”

And another even shared a photo of a bathroom with carpet up the SIDE OF THE TUB!


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Carpet up the side of the bath 😵 (pre-refurb of course).

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So what do you think? Is it gross or fine?

My grandpa had a PINK carpeted bathroom. I mean everything was pink down to the toilet and shower. It was the style back then.

But my bigger concern is those furry toilet seat covers! You know the bottom of this is NOT sanitary!