It’s Been Almost 2 Weeks Since Dierks Bentley and I’m Still in Shock -Georgia

Two weeks ago I had the experience of a lifetime. After working a grueling 8 hour promotions shift on the black tarmac at the Amphitheater in 105 degree heat my feet felt numb, all the makeup had effectively melted off my face, my fizzy hair had been up in a ponytail for 7.5 hours, and I was sweating so bad my shirt turned from white to… you know the look. But Dierks Bentley was about to come on stage and I had a change of clothes in my bag, a cold bottle of water, and a fresh tube of lipstick; so I ran off to the bathroom and completely changed looks, freshened up, and took off into the concert that I had been watching thousands of our listeners enjoy for the last 5 hours.

As I was on my way up to the lawn (where I have experienced some of the best concerts), I called my boss, just to check if he was still at the show. Over the next 10 minutes I went from standing far up on the lawn (but close to the bar), down into the 3rd row of the pit. When the lights went down and the hum of the speakers boomed so loudly you can feel it in your soul, I swear my heart stop for a solid minute. Then Dierks ran onto stage and I think I blacked out for the first song out of pure excitement. The following set of pictures perfectly captures my reaction from the best night of my life.

Me n my new fave boss 🙂
3 rows back and geeking out AHHHH
Hard core fangirling


Is this real life??
Oh hey, Dierks

So artsy. Much wow
My girl, Tenille